Østermark Grouting


174 Transition Pieces

HornSea Project I consists of 174 Siemens 7MW and has a total power capacity of 1.2GW and will be the world’s biggest offshore windfarm and the first offshore windfarm to have more than 1GW of capacity.

Since November 2017 we have been wokring with 3 different companies on 3 seperate locations to deliver a total of 174 transition pieces to one big project.

At project HornSea Wind Farm I in the North Sea, we have delivered and executed our UHPC solution and finished up with Triflex Sealing System – On all 174 TP’s. Our work was completed January 2019.

  • GODE WIND: HornSea Wind Farm

  • England & Denmark

  •  Grout and Triflex Sealing System

  •  174

  • 2017-2019

Horns Rev III, Denmark

Østermark Grouting has this summer completed the offshore project consisting of 24 transition pieces (TP). In the process, up to the executing of the project, Østermark Grouting strives to offer the right solution for any applicable work.

For this project we were to perform 3 grouting applications on each TP; annuli between steel TP and concrete platform, baseplates and base flange for davit crane.

Østermark Grouting have in close cooperation with Bladt Industries advised, in respect to process optimization and materials to be used, on this project. This have, at the end of the day, been approved and accepted by Vattenfall.
This process ensures that the client gets the best solution and we have sustained quality improvement of the service from Østermark Grouting.

  • PROJECT: Horns Rev III

  •  Steel- and concrete platform

  •  2018

Luchterduinen, Belgium / Holland

Østermark Grouting A/S grouted “topside transition piece connection’’ (4 legs) in 2015 for Iemants Steel Constructions.

  • GODE WIND: Luchterduinen OHVS

  • The North sea off Holland/Belgium

  •  Lemants Steel Constructions

  •  1 pcs (4 legs)

  • 2015

Kaarehamn, Sweden

Østermark Grouting A/S grouted 16 offshore wind mills in 2013 on the Kaarehamn project east of Gotland, Sweden.

  • PROJECT: Kaarehamn Offshore Wind Farm

  • Kaarehamn, east of Gotland, Sweden

  •  Vestas V112

  • 16 pcs.

  •  2013

Bladt industries, Denmark

Østermark Grouting A/S grouted 97 TP’s in 2015 for Bladt Industries. The Tp’s were grouted in Aalborg Harbour and used on the Siemens project GODE WIND I+II.

  • GODE WIND: Bladt Industries

  • Bladt Industries, Aalborg

  •  Siemens

  •  97 pcs.

  • 2015

Rødsand II, Denmark

Østermark Grouting A/S grouted 162 offshore wind mills for Vestas, on Rødsand I+II, south of Lolland, Denmark The first 72 in 2003, and the last 90 in 2010.

  • PROJECT:Rødsand II

  • Rødsand, south of Lolland

  •  Siemens 2,3MW

  •  90 pcs.

  •  2010

Rødsand I, Denmark

Østermark Grouting A/S has for Siemens Windpower grouted 162 offshore wind turbines in Rødsand I+II south of Lolland. The first 72 pcs. in 2003, and the remaining 90 pcs. in 2010.

  • PROJECT: Rødsand

  •  Rødsand, South of Lolland

  •  Bonus/Siemens 2,3MW

  •  72 pcs.

  •  72 pcs.

  •  2003