Østermark Grouting


Laxxaskogen, Sweden

A great project is now completed and we can proudly take a look at the 7 foundations where we have performed the grouting installation. The weather conditions in Sweden can be vary in Q4 but due complete setup in each truck including generators and heating mats we completed without difficulties.

  • GODE WIND: Laxaaskogen

  • Laxå

  •  SWT 3,6-130

  • 7

  • 2018

Grand Riviere, Martinique

We have supported the awarded contractor with the grouting service for 7 wind turbine in the exotic island Martinique which is placed in the Caribbean Sea. The ambient temperature is high but our supervisor is qualified and experienced with the material and know what to do to meet the required demands.

  • PROJECT: Grand Riviere

  •  Vestas – V110

  •  2018

Trikelshøj, Denmark

Østermark Grouting A/S has for Siemens Wind Power grouted 3 onshore wind turbines at Trikelshøj the project close to Randers, Denmark.

The project was in 2016 and was completede during af period of 2 weeks.

  • GODE WIND: Trikelshøj Wind Park

  • Trikelshøj, Randers, Denmark

  •  Siemens 3,2МW

  •  3 pcs.

  • 2016

Le Voie Romaine, France

Østermark Grouting A/S grouted 11 onshore wind mills for Vestas, on the Le Voie Romaine in northern France.

The project ran in 2014 and was done over a 2 week period.

  • PROJECT: Le Voie Romaine

  •  Vestas V90

  •  2014

Kalajoki, Finland

Østermark Grouting A/S grouted 22 onshore wind mills for Vestas, on the Kalajoki project in western Finland.

The project ran in 2015 and was done over a 2 month period.

  • GODE WIND: Kalajoki

  • Kalajoki, Rahja, Finland

  •  Vestas V126

  •  22 pcs.

  • 2015

Fäbodliden, Sweden

Østermark Grouting A/S grouted 30 onnshore wind mills for Vestas in Glötesvälen, Sweden

The project ran in 2014 and was done in just 1 month.

  • PROJECT: Glötesvälen

  •  Vestas V90

  •  2014