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Part of Becoming Global

We are no longer just a Danish company operating from Denmark. Today we have businesses and registrations I Norway, Kazakhstan, Canada and Australia. Vi har been operating on all 7 continents on earth: Europe, Africa, South- and North America, Asia and Australia. We have performed services in more than 25 countries with more new markets on the way.

We seek out potential always looking at the customers’ needs and demands as well as local legislation. We give knowledge and expertise to the country and hire local employees and by doing that we develop an international team of experts to execute the job across country boarders. This ensures that the quality of our services and work fulfills high standards and requirements regardless to where it is performed.

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Do we perform quality documentation every time we cast? Yes.

Worldwide service 100%
Quality documentation 100%
Timely delivery 99%

Thomas Bak

+45 2780 3009 / +45 8873 1009

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