Sealing is an additional service we offer our customers. We currently have 3 Sealing cars driving throughout Europe, to apply this protective surface.


Sealing is an extra service we offer our clients. At this present time we have three sealing cars driving all over Europe coating this protecting layer and surface. The wind turbines are being exposed to all types of elements and of what forces of nature have to offer, but in the end give us clean and lasting energy.

As the turbines produce they are at the same time exposed to and under influence by string forces that keep the turbine in constant movement, and that effects the bottom foundation. These forces can inflict cracks of various size and create moist that can do harm in the long run.

At Østermark Grouting A/S, we have, with our experience, achieved Triflex Xpert Partner Status. Triflex developes waterproof surface treatment systems, among others, that are well suited to basically all types of surfaces. We use Triflex Towersafe System, that is developed especially to accommodate long term legal requiements from the industry to this business for the protection of wind turbine foundations. We offer this treatment on turbines up to a diameter of 8 meters in diameter.

Due to flexible special fabricated fleece enforcement and because of the waterproof membrane it makes the  surface robust and gives all wind turbines a long lasting protection. Contact us for further information

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