Sealing is an extra service we provide to our customers. We have 3 sealing cars driving all over Europe to apply this protective liquid. The Wind turbines exploit the forces of nature and give us clean, renewable energy.

While doing so, the tower and foundation are exposed to strong forces and the constant movement of the turbine puts stress on the foundation. The strong deformation forces can encourage cracks in the tower foundation and penetrating moisture can lead to long-term damage.

At Østermark we have become Triflex Xpert Partner – Triflex develops innovative liquid applied waterproofing and coating systems for almost every job. We use the Triflex Towersafe system which is exclusively made to meet the long-term requirements for protecting the foundation of the wind turbine. We can provide this solution on the biggest WTG foundation up to 8 meters in diameter.

Thanks to its flexible special-purpose fleece reinforcement, the liquid applied waterproofing system is permanently resilient and provides all wind turbines with lasting protection.

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