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Weather simulator

Our headquarter in Holstebro has more than office buildings and warehouse space to offer. Amongst others we have 4000m2 of warehouse where we can perform mock-up testing prior to installation. This warehouse is heat regulated and can be held at required 20 degrees Celsius.

Recently we have built a new room. A room established due to several requests. There has been wished for at weather simulation capacity and capability making it possible to control degrees as well as humidity. We are now able to present a 400m2 totally heat regulated space. As of latest we have had a test in 35 degrees with an 75% air humidity done. This test was a success for us but also our customer. Our large-scale room is ready and accessible for use, and we can be contacted for booking and further assistance.

Nojoli, Sydafrika

Østermark Grouting A/S has casted 2 onshore wind turbines for Vestas on the Nojoli project in South Africa. The project has been done as a test, making Østermark Grouting A/S able to show off their skills for Vestas in South Africa. The project was in February, 2016 and expanded over a 14-day period.

  • PROJECT: Nojoli Vind Park

  •  Vestas

  •  2016