Onshore Grouting

We offer you global onshore wind turbine installation

Onshore Grouting

In the industry world-leading wind turbine companies choose Østermark Grouting as their preferred partner. A decision based on solid trust and acknowledgement of our 35 years of global experience.

Over time we have researched and developed material, technical methods and processes that lay the foundation for perfect execution with no compromises whatsoever.

We are operational worldwide. In our references you will find onshore projects from latitudes high North to deep South – from Finland in minus 40 degrees Celsius to South Africa and Australia with temperatures reaching +40 degrees Celsius. From tropical climates with severe humidity to installation sites in extremely dry desert locations.

Longtime success come to those who deserve so. Precision, planning, and meticulous preparation is mandatory at Østermark Grouting. Our expert staff is your guarantee that updated technical knowhow as well as respect to local legislation lay the foundation for your investment and project.

We are a certified installer of market-leading grouting material Y-MATTEC

Our coworkers are ongoing being educated and are aware and all rules and safety measures regarding execution of the work. Every time we do a job we are under the rules and regulations that are applicable to the country where the task is performed.