Onshore Grouting

Global installation of onshore wind turbines and offshore platforms is what Østermark Grouting has to offer

Onshore Grouting

Østermark Grouting is A/S is an acknowledged partner in the wind turbine industry in all areas of Europe, when it comes to grouting – also called casting. We are known to offer the best quality. Østermark Grouting A/S has more than 10 years of experience and we have been part of developing technical methods and processes making sure todays grouting is being performed and executed by the newest and best of all methods.

Over time we have found a material that suits well in both cold and warm environment and delivers excellent strength test results. That makes is possible for us to execute jobs in various latitudes like Finland in – 40 degrees as well as South Africa I +40 degrees.

We are a certified installer

Our coworkers are ongoing being educated and are aware and all rules and safety measures regarding execution of the work. Every time we do a job we are under the rules and regulations that are applicable to the country where the task is performed.

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