As energy sectors all over the world revolutionize themselves and transform into green and renewable energy at unprecedented pace in history Østermark Grouting is delighted to welcome Johnny Thomsen as newly appointed Board Member.

Johnny Thomsen has 20+ years of experience with Denmark’s world leading wind industry including a leading position in MHI Vestas and Vestas SVP roles in Product Management and Business Analysis & Performance Management.

With a proven record of solid results Johnny Thomsen has a professional history of demonstrated results within General Leadership, Product Management, Strategy and Finance. In essence, Johnny Thomsen is an experienced people and business leader and will be a true asset for Østermark Grouting as we intend to further strengthen our international capacities and high-level network in the global renewable industry.

With 35 years of worldwide experience Østermark Grouting is a global leader in on- and offshore grouting – acknowledged worldwide to deliver premium high-quality installation, test, sealing, maintenance, and repair.

Headquartered in Holstebro in central Denmark with world leading wind turbine manufacturers in our backyard we have grown to carry out 95% of our operations on the global scene. We are eager and ambitious to grow our business even further – not least in the United States and Australia where markets and green energy transition gained significant momentum. As we embark high-profile projects in these markets and elsewhere in the world, we expect to face solid growth in the years to come.

With business offices in Norway, Kazakhstan, Australia, and Ukraine as well as highly flexible fast-moving mobile units, we are operational on all continents. The Østermark Grouting expertise and know-how has a legacy second to none which indeed materialize from top professional employees with vast international experience, state-of-the-art technology, care and respect for people and the environment, on-time delivery and promises fulfilled as well as talented daily management supported with strategic insights, guidance, and international network deriving from a highly engaged and focused board.

The Østermark Grouting board as per May 2023:

  • John Henriksen (Chairman)
  • Thomas Bak (CEO)
  • Claus Balleby Møldambjærg (Director)
  • Michael Kjær Salmansen
  • Kristian Lundgaard-Karlshøj
  • Bent Møller Henriksen
  • Henrik Vestergaard Nielsen
  • Johnny Thomsen