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Even levelling floor

Industri Service

The floor with many names; floating floor, floating party or even levelling floor. This type of floor is most seen in industry- and machine halls, but we also perform this solution in public housing before laying wooden floors or epoxy coating. By using this method, you must ensure an even floor avoiding indifferences and sackings. We help our client as to which type and what assets the floor must match to meet the purpose. In other words, we can choose between material and product to ensure optimal solution for the job.

If you experience >2 mm cracks you should have it looked at, to make sure it doesn´t develop and expand. We have tools and equipment to rectify these damages. The invention is something we call HyperGrout+ that is being injected into the cracks and the being plastered making it even to match the floor.

Industry Service
Our palette of material makes us able to offer casting of chimneys, machines, footplates, and brooches. Amongst others we have helped a heating plant cast footplates for a machine, that had such violent vibrations, that a normal concrete floor couldn´t carry.

We also often see significant damages after resonance, oscillations with big fluctuations, that need reparation and possible replacement of floor into high strength concrete floor. Other types of concrete constructions may also need stabilization, reparation, or waterproof solutions. In Panama, South America, we have helped reinforcing and ensuring a dam making it possible for the water to go through correctly.


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