Offshore Grouting

Global offshore installation on wind turbines and/or offshore platforms is what Østermark Grouting offers. The solutions can be performed both on shore and off shore, weather it is within wind or oil&gas.

Our experience abroad is significant as we have performed installations in Canada, Northern and Central Europe countries. Some of the projects are executed in Europe, but the intended use is for a hole other continent, such as America.

Extensive experience has therfore helped us to develop the best technical installation methods. To comply with our customers, and potential – their customers, we have the high scale equipment for offshore use to fulfill the given demands. For an example we use UHPC (Ultra High Performance Cementiuos) for many of our projects. The material choice is very important because the loads, intended perpose and material needs to match.


First of all, we ensure that we are constantly developing our technical methods. Secondly, we ensure that we comply with the latest local required methods within grouting. To perform a global offshore installation on wind turbines or offshore platforms, the necessity of preparation and examine the paperwork, is an enormous job. The requirements are more strict for offshore projects.

Thirdly, our employees are under constant training. Most importantly they are familiar with all guidelines and safety precautions to carry out the job on sea. Every time we have finished a job, we are subject to a quality control according to the country’s legislation.

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